Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Lift Communication (@LiftComms | Social Media Services) consults on social media marketing and brand storytelling strategy for B2B and B2C clients. We specialize in social media marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. LiftComms works closely with clients to develop and integrate a social media marketing strategy that supports their marketing and digital marketing plan.

Brand Storytelling on Social Media

At LiftComms | Social Media Services, we develop social media strategy to help clients align their social media activity with their branding and marketing goals.

What that means is:

  • We create compelling content by telling better brand stories in visually compelling and video format.
  • We engage first by spotlighting, inspiring and involving your target community actively on social media.
  • We implement a social media marketing plan with best practices and proven posting tactics that support clients’ marketing goals.
Tina @LiftComms helps your business create and implement a meaningful social media marketing strategy by aligning your social media activity with your community values, business goals, and brand storytelling. Tina Capalbo participates in ongoing professional development as a Founding Member of Social Media Examiner’s Social Media Marketing Society.

Social Media Account Management

You Need Social Media Management

LiftComms collaborates with your company to create and maintain your positive online brand presence with a targeted focus on your customers, communities and industry. Expect creative and branded content with expert writing, engaging graphics, and social video that aligns strategically with your marketing plan.

Available for Monthly Account Management

Conference & Keynote Speaker

You Need a Speaker on Social Media or Brand Storytelling Topics!

Tina Capalbo, owner at Lift Communication (@LiftComms) is available to speak to your group on a range of social media topics. Contact Tina today.

Event & Conference Promotion

You Need a Promotional Campaign for Your Event or Conference

LiftComms loves working with your staff and volunteers to create well-planned and well-executed social media promotional campaigns, and live coverage, for your events.

Expect creative and branded content with expert writing, engaging graphics, and social video. We will also collaborate with, and provide training for, staff members and volunteers who are participating on your social media team.

Contact us at least three months prior to your event or conference.

LiftComms Social Media Services - WHY we do what we do!
LiftComms Social Media Services - WHY we do what we do!

Maternity Leave Replacement

It’s a BABY! You Need Temporary Social Media Management

When your social media manager is going on maternity leave, we offer interim social media account management, content development and creation, and community monitoring for your accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and/or LinkedIn.

Social Media Training In-House 

Your Staff Needs Social Media Training

When you are managing your social media in-house, LiftComms is ready to dispatch a professional trainer to provide your in-house staff with social media training. We help your staff develop a social media plan that supports your existing marketing plan and/or business goals. We’ll show them the tactics and tools they need to post effectively and consistently on your Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and/or your LinkedIn company page.

This service includes face-to-face training sessions in the Halifax metro area, as well as after-training support for all those hands-on-questions that are sure to follow.

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Tina Capalbo, Social Media and Brand Storytelling Consultant, Owner of Lift Communication is a Member of the Centre For Women in Business
Social Media Marketing Society Member
Tina Capalbo, Social Media and Brand Storytelling Consultant, Owner of Lift Communication, is a Member of East Coast Mom Media